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Dear determined but tired parent,

We see that list in your head… and it looks amazing. You’re planning a bomb day for your birthday kid!

Invitations? Check.

Cake? Check.

Balloons? Check.

Present? Check.

Decorations? Check.

Party favors? Check.

But the thought of directing the chaos into activities is already exhausting. 

But here’s an idea… why not just host this party somewhere else? 

Somewhere that can take all that energy and direct it into fun activities that are also healthy and empowering.

Somewhere they can learn a thing or two while enjoying themselves.

Somewhere the entertainment gets them moving so much they wear themselves out.

Well obviously… that sounds like it describes us perfectly!  ;)

How does 90 minutes of directed fun sound? That’s what we offer!  The party starts once your personally assigned instructor takes the reins. They’ll engage those excited, giggly kids as they guide them through the gym.  Which gym, you ask? Well, that depends… How old is your child turning? The younger crew (2-7 years old), will be in Metro West. If they’re turning 8 or older you have an exciting option! Metro East is yours for the taking!

No matter where you end up, partygoers get to explore the elements according to ability and comfort level. And we always emphasize not only safety but also excitement and FUN! An entire hour of activity will have those kids ready to sit still for the last 30 minutes of cake and present time. 

Having your birthday party with us is SO simple… you probably won’t want to host one any other way once you’ve done it here!  So go back to planning and gather supplies to entertain the kids if you must. OR you can click this link, pick a date, pour yourself a glass of whatever your jam is, and relax.  You can take your pick.

Sincerely Yours,

Metro Gymnastics

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