Mighty Mights Preschool

 “Teacher! Watch Me!” (ages 3, 4, and 5 years old)

This is the battle cry of the Metro Mighty Mights as they take to the floor during our 45-minute preschool-age classes. Starting with our musical warm-up, we have these children moving, singing, and learning throughout the entire class.
For Metro’s three-year-olds, movement education is our emphasis. We work on developing coordination, strength, balance, and body awareness through specially designed activities and basic gymnastics skills. With our animated terminology and creative instruction, we encourage the children to use their imaginations to enhance learning. In our three-year-old classes, we also spend considerable time practicing newly acquired social skills, such as listening when someone is talking and taking turns.
Having longer attention spans and more developed listening comprehension skills, our four-year-olds are able to focus more on mastering basic gymnastic skills. The children will later perform these skills on the “big kid” equipment as they progress. Continuing our goal of helping the children developmentally as well as physically, we implement educational activities in combination with gymnastics skills. An example of this is learning our left and right by figuring out which is our “favorite” foot to start our cartwheels.
As the children move up to a five-year-old class, they are given the opportunity to use the “big kid” equipment. What a thrill it is for the children to walk by themselves on the high balance beam or swing from the highest monkey bar! At all of the events, our coaches continue to help the children master the gymnastics fundamentals and skill progressions that they will need to become super gymnasts. Watch self-confidence soar!!  

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