Metro Gymnastics 

COVID-19 Protocol

Based on national, state, and local guidelines concerning COVID-19, Metro gymnastics believes it is possible, with proper modifications, for smaller groups of gymnasts to return to gymnastics safely. Our goal is to gain the physical and mental benefits of gymnastics while maintaining a safe workout environment for our staff and your gymnast. With the size of our facility and adherence to our new protocols, we feel this is an attainable goal. Your gymnast and her well-being are of utmost importance to Metro.

The following are steps we plan to employ to protect our gymnasts, their families as well as our staff and their families. 


We will have zero tolerance for any illness. Gymnasts and their families must be symptom-free. Your gymnast must not have a runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea to attend class. While at Metro, if a gymnast develops any of the above symptoms, she must cover her nose and mouth with a mask, scarf or bandana and wait in the office until a parent/guardian is called and arrives to pick up the gymnast. 

Contact your doctor concerning flu-like symptoms to determine if your child should test for COVID-19. Symptoms for coronavirus are vast from “flu-like” to “gastrointestinal issues.” DO NOT SEND YOUR GYMNAST TO CLASS IF SHE/HE OR ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY HAS FLU OR COVID-19 SYMPTOMS.

If your gymnast has any illness (confirmed by her doctor) other than COVID-19, she/he must be symptom-free and fever-free for 24 hours. Fever-free means no fever for 24 hours while not using a fever reducer such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

If your gymnast has allergies or asthma, you will need to let us know on an event-by-event basis. If you have not informed us, we will assume she/he is ill and seclude her/him until we can contact you.  

If anyone in your family living in your house tests positive for the COVID-19, your gymnast must wait at least 10 days and conform to the latest health department guidelines to start or resume class. If your gymnast or any of your family has exposure to COVID-19, your gymnast must wait 10 days to return to class, or show proof of a negative test result, 3-5 days after exposure, then they can return without waiting the 10 days.  The same rules apply to coaches and staff.

Personal Hygiene 

Gymnasts will have his/her hands sanitized upon entering the gym floor.  To avoid overcrowding in the waiting room and bathrooms, we will be sanitizing your gymnast’s hands upon leaving class. All coaches will wash their hands before the next class. 

If you do not want your child's hands sanitized, please have them wash their hands in the bathroom before entering the gym floor.

We recommend that girls wear their hair slicked back with a product to avoid unnecessary touching of their faces.

Preschool parents, please take your child to the restroom before class to avoid any accidents during class. 


Masks are optional for students.  The large majority of our staff are vaccinated but those that are not will wear a mask.  For those staff that are vaccinated, masks will be optional.

Disinfecting of the Gym between classes

We will disinfect the gym after each class using Clorox products for hard surfaces and KenClean for the vinyl matting. Aerial silks will be sprayed with sanitizer at the end of the day. After classes end for the day, we will clean all the glass, wipe down with Clorox all door handles, light switches, sink countertops, cubbies, and any hard services.  

Disinfecting of the Gym 

We will deep clean daily when the gym is closed, repeating the above steps but adding mopping floors and mats as well as vacuuming carpet and mopping the floors. 


We will be offering in-class makeups for missed classes.  No prorating for missed classes. You MUST call the office to schedule your child's makeup class.  Because of our limited class sizes, you will have 1 month to make up for a missed class.

We will continue to monitor the status of the COVID-19 and follow the mandates from state and local officials.

Thank you for your support,

 Sarah Blackledge Brawley, Carol Blackledge Lee, Sarah Blackledge, Owners


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