Metro Gymnastics is proud to partner with our community to help organizations reach their goals.  We are currently working with Citizens Caring for Children supplying them with New Stuffed Animals.  Please read below for more information about CCC.  We will be collecting stuffed animals until March 2nd.

Citizens Caring for Children was created in 1984 by a foster family, the Harpers, in partnership with First Presbyterian Church in Edmond. The Harpers had welcomed many foster children into their home and knew firsthand what foster families experienced as they cared for children in DHS custody. What began as a clothing closet in their home has grown into the Resource center for foster children to visit today.

More than 8,000 children are living in foster care in central Oklahoma – nearly 3,000 in the seven counties CCC serves.  When children are placed in foster care, they are often from their home with literally the clothes on their backs.  The resources provided by the State of Oklahoma cover roughly 40% of the cost to care for a child. In 2015, emergency clothing vouchers were discontinued.  The first time a child comes to CCC the receive a duffle bag with a new stuffed animal, blanket, 2 outfits, pajamas, shoes, two books and a hygiene kit. CCC helps bridge the gap for foster parents.


CCC helps by operating a Resource Center which children can visit four times per year and choose two outfits, 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, shoes, pajamas, and a personal hygiene kit containing shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant.  We also provide a coat in the winter.  We work to create an environment that encourages foster children to utilize their decision-making skills and build the confidence that comes with taking pride in their appearance.

CCC provides a bonus visit at our Back 2 School event.  This visit includes a new outfit, socks, underwear, shoes, a backpack and school supplies for 600 children.  Going back to school for foster kids can be stress because many are attending a new school. Getting to shop for a new outfit in a warm and inviting retail environment can be comforting.



Children in foster care are at a disadvantage in many areas simply as a result of being in foster care.

  • Average number of living arrangements during first care stay is 2.8
  • Likelihood of being absent from school is two times that that of other students
  • 56% to 75% changes schools when first entering care; 24% of 17-18-year old’s have experienced 5+ school changes.
  • Only 50% of foster youth complete high school by age 18
  • Children who change schools frequently make less academic progress then their peers, and face challenges in developing and sustaining supportive relationships with teachers and peers.


CCC strives to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.  We cannot prevent them from having to change schools or homes, but we can provide them with new clothing of their own to wear, and sometimes that ends up being pretty significant. 



Thank you for helping us help Oklahoma foster children!


With gratitude,


Julie Keller

Director of Development

Citizens Caring for Children

730 W. Wilshire Creek Blvd., Ste. 112

Oklahoma City, OK  73116

405.753.4099 ext. 106


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