Aerial Silks Classes

Aerial silks provide a masterful blend of strength and grace. It is a versatile art form of aerial acrobatics that include climbs, wraps, descents, and drops on fabric. It provides a fun and challenging way to build strength, increase flexibility, and take your performances to new heights. We provide technical training and conditioning for all levels. Beginners will learn the basic wraps and climbs down low and work their way up as they get more comfortable in the air. As students progress, they will explore more challenging and daring feats on the fabric, such as drops and descents. Ages 8-16. 

 Coach Spotlight:  Alissa has trained in aerial silks at the Edmond Performing Arts Center, formerly Arts Revealing the Son, since 2010. She took aerial silks classes under Ben Caldwell for four years before becoming a teachers assistant. In the summer of 2014 she transitioned to being the instructor for the aerial silks classes. In spring of 2015 she traveled to Austin Texas to become certified as a level 1 aerial silks instructor. In 2015, she joined the Perpetual Motion Modern Dance Company as an aerial performer and instructor. Since then, Alissa has traveled to St. Louis for basic aerial rigging and safety training. In spring of 2016 she choreographed for the aerial silks number for Edmond North High school's production of Pippin. She has been featured as an aerial soloist for the Oklahoma City High School Dance Festival as well as an aerialist for Mercy Hospital's "Light of Love" gala.

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