Metro's Developmental Girls Classes

Girls Recreational Program  (Ages 1st grade and up)
55 minute class

The most enthusiastic and vital group at Metro has to be the great gang of kids who make up our developmental skill classes. Every afternoon the gym rocks with all of the boys and girls who are learning and practicing fun gymnastic tricks at every station in the gym. Metro’s classes offer sound gymnastics education for all types of children. Since our main goal is always to make learning gymnastics fun, we incorporate THEME MONTHS into our lesson plans.  Throughout the year, each month will have a fun focus that will direct the manner in which we teach various skills. For example, during “Fabulous FUNdamentals Month” the children will learn what is means to arch (bend your back like a banana) or hollow (rock like a boat), and how these positions can change a handstand or a cartwheel. For every child, no matter what his or her goal, training at Metro Gymnastics is an excellent avenue for gaining confidence, athletic ability, and personal growth, as well as the long-term rewards of life long health and fitness. 


Monthly Tuition:  $60/month one day per week  $105/month two times per week
Registration fee: $25 or $40 family registration fee

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