Mini Mights/Parent Tot

“Mommy and Daddy let’s go to ‘nastics’!! (walking - 3 years old)
40 minute class

Participation in parent-child class is a wonderful opportunity for the parent and child to spend time together. We offer an exciting new program that is designed to help your child develop physically, mentally, and socially.
Our Mini - Might’s will learn basic gymnastics skills. We explore being inverted, weightless, heights, balance, depth perception, gripping power, individual space, and sharing. We also help develop the child’s ball handling skills, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination and all around physical fitness.
A toddler’s mastery of manual skills is very difficult; therefore, your child should receive praise for his or her smallest achievements. Positive reinforcement is the backbone of this program. 

Monthly Tuition:  $50/month one day per week  $90/month two times per week
Registration fee: $25 or $40 family registration fee 

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